Unfurling Spring

Is it hunger that makes me see magnolia blossoms as semi-stirred cherry yoghurt, and pink almond blossoms as candy floss? And what's this ahead, forcing us to cross the road? A group of middle-aged people are gathered on the sidewalk in front of a building under scaffolding. (Construction carries on through the winter here.) Short… Continue reading Unfurling Spring

Marking time

Flat rectangular espaliers trap trees onto music stands, their brown leaves notes. Morning sun reveals green fur on the temporary structures of the construction site. Green psoriasis proves that the new roof on the design museum is copper. The Kyoto Garden in Holland Park is forbidden to dogs. Because forbidden, I peer over the hedge… Continue reading Marking time

Bone white

A small branch stripped of bark gleams in the grey air. Bone-white, I think. And retract the thought. The prominence of my own bones, and spinal osteoporosis, moves the word bone out of the interior designer's catalogue and into the undertaker's. Bone has lost its innocence for me. At the top of the bare tree… Continue reading Bone white